A sunny end to a grey week

Grey rough work

How many shades of grey are there in a rainbow?

After staring out the window at buckets of rain all week, Summer finally showed its face today. Even after a beautiful sunny day I’m still sitting here thinking about shades of grey. We’re not as qualified as the Irish Film Censor’s Office to grade all our narrative content for family friendly viewing. Instead, we want to give the viewer an opportunity to create the narrative the tone of their final piece by selecting a blend of black and white story segments (Black = Scary, White = Safe). How will this playlist be visualized? What colour grey do you get when you mix two black scenes and three whites? I’ve developed a new level of fascination for the color model palettes in photoshop and realized how much the American spelling of the color grey ‘Gray’ gets on my nerves. It contradicts the carefully learned spellings from all those school spelling tests!


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